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August 8, 2006

Things are finally winding down. KIOKU just had its debut performance at the TANK and things generally went well. Ryan is busy editing the HFS recording and we just have to add accordion and sanshin to the mix. We have two new female singers for HFS: Akiko Hiroshima and Kaori Ibuki. Now I just have to find the right bassist and maybe add a guitarist.

But for now, I’m practicing my taiko and taking a breather.

Oh, and last night I went to see Phantom of the Opera. One of the guests at the New York Buddhist Church was sick and couldn’t use the ticket. I really didn’t want to see the show, but I knew I would never buy a ticket or willingly try to see it. Anyway, I really don’t see how this musical stayed on Broadway for so long. What a terrible show.


KIOKU at the Tank

August 4, 2006

Just our luck, we performed on one of the hottest days of the year (115 degrees according to the heat index). Despite the weather, we had a nice showing at the Tank on Wednesday night and special thanks go out to Ryan Dorin, Hiro Kurashima, and John Ko and his camera crew!

We performed two sets of material (1st set: Pinari, The Drum Thing, Protophonics, Miyake; 2nd set: Binalig, Yatai Bayashi, Spirits #16). Soon, we’ll be posting a video from the performance. In the meantime, here are some pics.



KIOKU Rehearsal

August 1, 2006

We’re gearing up for our first big performance on Wednesday August 2nd. Just a few pics of our gear.

Chris with his laptop, touchpad, mixer, playstation controllers, etc. Korean and Chinese gongs on the left, chu and shime, china/splash, little splash and hi-hat on the right Kulintang Ali